What are PMB’s?

PMB’s are a set of defined benefits in the Medical Schemes Act (The Act) aimed at insuring that all medical Scheme members have access to certain minimum health services. They ensure cover for costs related to diagnosis, treatment and care of a medical condition which meets the Act’s definition of an emergency, a limited set of medical and chronic conditions defined in the Chronic Disease List (CDL).

How to submit your claims?

Your claim must reach RUMed within FOUR months from the date that you received treatment.
The following information must appear on the account:

  • Your surname and initials or full names
  • Your RUMed membership number
  • The date of service
  • The name of the patient (dependant) who received treatment
  • The doctor/service provider’s practice number
  • The tariff codes for each treatment received
  • The amount charged per tariff code