About RUMed

When it comes to your health and the health of your loved ones, there is only one medical scheme that can offer you exactly what you need. As Rhodes University Medical Scheme (RUMed) is a Restricted Medical Scheme for the employees of Rhodes University, Retirees and their dependants only, we are able to focus on your needs and ensure that all registered employees and their registered dependants are sufficiently covered.

RUMed provides accessible, quality, affordable and comprehensive medical scheme benefits to suit your individual needs and health care requirements. The scheme is governed by The Medical Schemes Act of 1998 and its regulations and is fully compliant.

How to Join RUMed?

Please contact the Rhodes University HR department  for an application form, or you can download it from this website. A reminder that all applications forms must be handed into the HR department  with all relevant documentation and they will submit the form to us for processing.

RUMed Benefits

RUMed offers its members extensive day to day cover and unlimited hospital cover, paid at 100% of Scheme tariff.  Please refer to the benefit guide for all the details regarding the benefit limits for 2023.

A reminder of the Preventative Care Benefit.

RUMed provides all registered members and their dependants access to the valuable Preventative Care Benefit which encourages you to take care of your health by identifying risks proactively so that they can be treated appropriately. This benefit includes mammograms, immunisations, prostrate, cholesterol, blood sugar, glaucoma tests subject to benefit limits.  With effect from 01 January 2023, RUMed will also  cover immunisations with an additional limit of  R1 500 per beneficiary with a maximum of R3 000 per family. An additional R2 000 for child immunisations which does not accumulate to the family limit of R3 000 .